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The Open Mobile Summit 2017 29 - 30 November, 2017|Grand Hyatt San Francisco|San Francisco, USA

Promote your business at OMS 2016

Take on the OMS platform and show these big businesses how you can help them overcome their challenges.

Mobile has forced big businesses to completely rethink how they win, serve and retain customers. Enterprises are evolving through the integration of new mobile innovations.

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Expo Floor Plan

Exhibition Booth Allocation
1 & 2. Microsoft 3. SWRVE
4. Realm 5. Insert 6. Amplitude
7. Mixpanel 8. Apptentive 9. Apteligent
10. Segment 11. Bluesnap 12. Branch
13. TUNE 14. Vela 15. Apptimize
16 & 17. Paypal 18. Urban Airship
19. Hyphenate 20. Tenjin 21. Appboy
22. Equifax 23. Baidu

Sponsors Of OMS San Francisco 2015

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Show the market what you are capable of

  • Establish or reaffirm your company as market leader: In a market that is rapidly changing it is crucial to position yourself as a leader. Speak to the industry directly and assert your position and dedication to this burgeoning market.
  • Do be seen. Don't be conspicuous by your absence: As new players emerge with multi-faceted mobile services and products it will be integral to your business to give a clear mission statement to your target audience and express your core competencies.
  • Create a hot sheet of new leads: We'll position your brand in front of 100+ Traditional Enterprises, Big Brands, Mobile Integrators, Wireless Carriers and Software/ Hardware suppliers to increase your exposure and grow your market share

Impress Potential Clients with Relevant, Targeted Marketing

We’ve helped many businesses grow. Let’s work together to deliver a focused message to a decision making audience. We will develop a sponsorship package bespoke to your business, to enable you to:

  • Increase visibility of the brand, new product and/or service
  • Demonstrate your business and technical expertise
  • Grow your business development network
  • Inform the mobile eco-system and its new entrants of your unique viewpoint

Demonstrate the transformative Power of Mobile

Our Packages are tailor-made to each Sponsor depending on their Business Goals

From taking to the stage, utilizing effective brand management and hosting a networking party. We are only limited by our imaginations. By talking with you and understanding your objectives in this space we will be able to create a package to help you achieve your goals.

Reach new customers with a custom made package that can include:

  • Solo Presentations to the entire audience of key decision makers
  • Panel Participation among a group of senior level executives
  • Exhibition Space
  • Premium Branding before, during and after the event
  • Exclusive Webinar & Social Networking Presence
  • Conference Passes for you and your team
  • And more…

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David Leslie-Clarke

David Leslie-Clarke

Head of Sponsorship
Open Mobile Media

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