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The Open Mobile Summit 2017 29 - 30 November, 2017|San Francisco, USA

Mobile Product Hub

In the build up to The Open Mobile Summit San Francisco 2016. I wanted to give you a sneak preview of some of the great content that we had from last year.

Interview: Kelly Graziadei, Head of Commerce Product Marketing, Facebook

In this interview Kelly shares on:

  1. The art of deep-linking between apps to ensure continued engagement on mobile and drive users to return after initial install.
  2. Facebook’s latest product tweaks; made to cater for the latest generation of users that ONLY access the internet on mobile.
  3. Product secrets on virtual assistant ‘M’: what powers it, how messaging tools are causing new disruption to mobile.

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Presentation: How to Build a Successful App at Scale

By Adam Medros, SVP of Global Product, TripAdvisor

  • Get insights into TripAdvisor’s approach to building the world’s most popular travel app (downloaded 190 million times) by offering consumers invaluable travel features and insights whilst in destination
  • Explore the test-and-iterate culture necessary to design features consumers love, at speed, to stay ahead of competitors and constantly trailing new product innovations
  • Learn strategies for encouraging app downloads and pulling in repeat use in a way that is scalable